Tickets Available for VRLA Summer Expo 2016

VRLA is the world’s largest virtual and augmented reality expo, welcoming both consumers and industry professionals.

The summer expo will feature demos of projects in development for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR, and more. Presentations and panels are also scheduled.

Over 100 exhibitors will fill the Convention Center West Hall B August 5-6, 2016. Many of these exhibitors will be premiering software and hardware not shown in public until VRLA.

The Two-day Pro Pass is geared toward immersive technology professionals with an industry-exclusive day on August 5. The first 300 ticket holders will also receive a gift bag filled with VR swag.

If you’re not a VR professional, you can attend the consumer day on August 6, with tickets on sale now for $40 ($30 if you’re a student).

For more info and to purchase tickets, head to

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